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If samekichi dies i will die

combodeck said: //this reminded me that they might kill of Joshua when they finally make TWEWY2 and I have no idea why


No but imagine it

Joshua dying in Neku’s arms.

"…I still don’t forgive you, for what you did…"

Joshua just smiles up at him. “I never want you to.”



"But that’s impossible!" Uzuki protested, then shook her head. "Ugh. Whatever. You said there were other witness, right? Maybe they saw what it actually was."

All his yelling was starting to get on her nerves. “What are you talking about!? You’re not making any sense!”

"The Composer can do it," Beat replied, frowning deeply and tilting his head. "They’ll say the same thing, I bet it. In fac—other people saw him," Beat said quickly, interrupting himself and turning towards where Tipsy Tose Hall was. "He didn’t… didn’t kill everyone. There were other folks who saw."

Beat looked at her nervously, wondering what she would do with that information, unsure of what was going to happen to those people. Would they be forced to die? “Are you gonna kill them? For seein’ it?”

レポートあつめなう 」 (Collecting Reports~) by にっさん



"How should I know?” Uzuki snapped. “Maybe it was, like, some kind of weapon? He would be the kind of person to walk around with a flamethrower or something.”

She crossed her arms. “Excuse you? How is this my fault? I’m just a Harrier; I don’t keep tabs on the officers!” She hadn’t even been sure that Pi-Face still existed, though she wasn’t surprised, since the Taboo Noise were still around. “…What do you mean, ‘Shades’ lost his ‘Game’?”

"Yo, I’d remember if tha’ douche came at me wid a flamethrower. Motherfucker was definitely usin’ psyches. No way could it be anythin’ else,” Beat shook his head, looking back at her. “Pretty sure it was circly energy.”

"I dunno, a’ight?" Beat shot back at her, "You know? The Game he had wid the Composer ‘bout Shibuya!"



"That didn’t stop him from making all those stupid Taboo Noise," Uzuki said. "He’s obviously got a few screws loose. I don’t know why you’re so surprised."

Uzuki pulled a small notebook from her shorts pocket and jotted down a few notes in the back. She didn’t comment until he mentioned the method of attack. “What? You can’t use Psyches in the RG.”

When he lifted up his shirt to prove the point, she grimaced. “Ewww. Go, like, put some medicine on that or something. Wait, not yet. I should take a picture for evidence.” She took her cell phone out of her other pocket.

"Yeah, yeah," Beat grumbled, pushing his shirt back down after the picture was taken, trying to ignore the ache he felt. "…How d’you think he did it? Is Pi-Face really tha’ beefed up tha’ he can do that?" Beat questioned, not really expecting Uzuki to have the answers.

"Y’gotta control your Reapers better, Pinky," Beat grunted, crossing his arms loosely again. "Or get Shades too. …How’s he back anyway? He lost his Game!”


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"And you expect that Freakazoid to care about the rules??” Uzuki shook her head, disgusted more by the math freak’s previous shenanigans than the incident Beat was describing.


"You already said that part. I need details. Like, where was this and when did it happen? How did he attack them? They need to be able to confirm the story, you know."

"I dunno, a’ight? I thought you could get killed for that!" Beat fired back, clenching his fist and turning away slightly.

"It happened, like… a couple minutes ago. He chased me down Spain Hill an’ caught up wid me on Tispy Tose… He… uh…" Beat paused. How had Sho launched his energy at him? “He… fired energy at me… like he used a psych. I can prove it!” Beat pulled up his shirt lightly, revealing an ugly looking welt on his chest. 



"You don’t have to shout! Look, just tell me everything that happened."


"I’ll file a report, and then maybe the boss will finally put an end to that nutjob’s career."

"But—I…!" Beat took a breath, looking more than a little upset.

"…Sho came at me outta nowhere an’ chased me down. I tried t’ run into a crowd a’ people ‘cuz I thought he wouldn’t… wouldn’t do anythin’! But… he attacked the crowd a’ people a-and he killed some a’ them! That’s not allowed! IT’s like… rule number four a’ bein’ a Reaper!"



"Believe me, I know. I was partnered to the guy for a week. It’d probably be easier getting free lunch at Sunshine than forcing a straight answer out of Josh. But, I never really said he lied. Just, I don’t get it."


A pause, Neku crossing his arms. “Look, there’s nothing up with Mr. H, all right? He’s not a Reaper and definitely not Composer. He wasn’t Conductor, either. We already know that. But he’s still associated with the Game. That probably explains why he could see us. He told me he outranks Joshua somehow, too. But that’s about all I’ve heard.”

"Way easier. There are coupons for Sunshine… I don’t think there are coupons for Joshua. He’s the Composer, right? Why wouldn’t he be connected t’ the city?"

"Mr. H outranks Joshua?" Beat got more serious, frowning at Neku now. "I think there’s gotta be somethin’ up wid anybody who outranks Joshua. He rules the city, yo. What the hell’s above that… ruling the world?”