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"… I don’t think it’s really safe ‘round this parts. Wha’chu doin’, yo?"


Joshua simply giggled at Beat’s reaction, having expected as such from him, “Well it’s the thought that counts.”


"Ah." Joshua stared at Beat for a moment before a light laugh escaped his lips, "Congratulations, you caught me off guard." He hadn’t expected Beat to agree to such a thing, "Well I suppose we could go, my only worry is there will be no one to watch Shibuya while I’m gone. Remember I no longer have a Conductor."

"If you think you can’t go, don’t offer, yo," Beat shrugged, looking at him again. "I mean, if you can, tha’s cool too. Do whatever you think is best for the city." Because like hell was Beat about to enable this if it was a bad idea. "Do you even have a Game goin’ on right now?" Beat couldn’t really think about what else would require Joshua’s presence.

a good Week


Joshua rolled his eyes and smirked up at him, "Oh, yes. Please do, I don’t think I’d be able to eat anything that won’t bring me to tears~" He chuckled before shaking his head and turning his attention back to the street. "Angelhood is… yes, you’re not supposed to know about it… But it’s the class above me, basically. They essentially dictate how I’m to run things… And they’re the ones who don’t like my little… additions."

But still, even that didn’t deter his happiness. "But this Player… I’ve such high hopes…! Maybe he can even out the tyranny and… I don’t even know what… but something." Joshua sighed and smiled. "It just gives me more hope than I’ve had for a while…"

He wrapped his arm around Beat’s side and walked with him. "So, I figured that was a reason to celebrate, you know? I’m sure it’ll take a while to see any difference, if he even makes one… But it might be worth waiting."

Beat let out a loud laugh. “‘Course! Only the best for the best, huh?” He couldn’t help but look down at Joshua fondly. It suddenly occured to him that he should probably ask Joshua if Mr. Hanekoma, but… no. Talking about Mr. H always made Joshua sad, and Beat would be damned if he didn’t give Joshua this happiness for as long as he could.

"Well," Beat said decidedly, "if you’re this happy, definitely a reason t’ celebrate." He ignored the looks that people were giving them, as he always did now, and wrapped his arm around Joshua in return. He didn’t care how much public displays of affection were frowned upon—especially between two men—at the moment. He’d gotten used to it long ago, and Joshua was never really one to let the stares of others bother him anyway.

"We could make this a fun day, le’s go somewhere else after we eat," Beat offered, pressing a kiss to the top of his head.



"Free for the rest of the day," he chirped, his hands gently running over Beat’s chest. "I only take appointments, and I only do three or four clients per day. Makes things easy for me~" Joshua leaned forward and whispered against his neck, "Besides, I’m sure I can always find time for my favorite client…”


"Mmmm," Beat leaned back so Joshua could rub his chest, not even pretending he didn’t enjoy it. "Maybe I could come back t’ your place then? Or do you actually need t’ stay here all day?" After all, he could always whip up a quick thing for him and Joshua if they went back.

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A curious Beat pokes his head in.



"You don’t have to look like I rigged the floor with landmines, you know." Enter stage right, one Yoshiya Kiryu with a half-empty cup of coffee. "Besides, Mr. H would have my hide if I destroyed his pride and joy."


Oh, he’ll just have a ball with this one. "He’s completely vulnerable on his sides. I promise you, you can tickle him half to death and he’d be too powerless to do anything about it." 


"Maybe you and tickle and make up with whoever this person is. Or, at least it can’t hurt to try.”

"…Really?" Beat’s eyebrow would have disappeared into his hairline if that were possible.

"I don’t even wanna touch him, yo. Las’ time I did it was a punch t’ the face for being a dumbass an’ dyin’ my hair green. I could a’ gotten fired for havin’ green hair! Hell, when I applied for my job, I had t’ verify that I’m a natural blond!"


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when he sees a plothole, he knows how to fill it


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