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         It hurt like hell the last time I lost you

                          [ a n d ]

                 I don't wanna do that again.

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Neku could almost feel the irritation in Beat’s gaze as he glanced over. He’d really only meant that as a joke. “No where. ‘Cept WildKat, but it wasn’t like Mr. H was in. I was on my way to Udagawa too, until the sound of you dying caught my attention.


"No, I mean, you haven’t answered you phone in like a week! Nobody knew where you was!" Beat objected, looking a little disheartened. 

"I wasn’t dyin’. S’not like I was coug—" cue more coughing. "…Coughin’ up a lung…"

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En medias

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The coughing actually caught Neku’s attention, enough for him to turn to see Beat plop himself down on a nearby bench. The guy looked completely wiped out. Maybe…he should actually walk over and check up on his friend.


…You feeling OK, dude? You look like you got hit by truck.

At seeing his friend after god knows how long, Beat brightened up…only to give him a rather irritated look at the mention of getting hit by a motorized vehicle. “…An’ where the hell have you been?”

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"…" Beat coughs and staggers over to a bench and sits down.

"Yo, Phones! Whazzup?"



"Beat! Hey, man, how’s it hangin’? How’ve you been, dude?"


"You wanna talk about it? …or about the cake, can’t argue with cake. What kind was it?"

"Strawberry shortcake, yo! Joshua came over an’ helped me make it. I was kinda tryin’ to outdo some other guys, hahaha. Joshua ain’t very good at bakin’ though, so I jus’ got him t’ give me the ingredients."


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