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Josh pursed his lips in a pout before elbowing Beat lightly. This was no time to flirt. He frowned as the camera showed the room. There were six bodies hanging from nooses, very similar to the last room. It was a bit unnerving.


"Go see what the bodies say," he instructed, seeing the pieces of paper that seemed to be pinned from them. And as Beat clicked each corpse, different sentences came up;

One who steals a human being - Kidnapper
One who causes physical harm/hurts another - Bodily Injurer
One who illegally sets fire to property - Arsonist
One who copies with intent for forgery (in this case money) - Counterfeiter
One who steals, especially by stealth - Thief
One who cheats or defrauds money or property - Swindler
One who takes money, etc. for own use in violation of trust - Embezzler
One who kills another brutally - Murderer

"Hmm," Joshua hummed as he pondered what it meant. "Each of them have been hung for their crimes, obviously… I suppose we’re supposed to find the man who wrote the original poem? I think he’s probably innocent… So… That means we need to find out which one it is." That wasn’t particularly easy, though. He needed the note from the other room again. "Can you go back to the empty nooses again, Beat," he asked, turning to look at him over his shoulder.

Beat laughed as he was elbowed, grinning as he continued to guide his character around the area. While he listened to Joshua’s instructions and clicked on the various bodies, he couldn’t help but turn his head to watch Joshua.

He couldn’t help but notice the way that Joshua’s eyes narrowed, those eyebrows of his furrowing. Beat thought that he looked cute when he brought his hand up to finger his chin, off in another world. He smiled at the Composer and rested his chin on his shoulder to watch him think.

When he was finally given the order, he obediently turned back and hurried back to the other room. He deftly avoided monsters and eventually it back. Then, he rechecked the large poem on the wall.

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