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"Rhythm Games?" Joshua questioned curiously, looking over at Beat as they headed to the stairs. "Are you talking about that ‘Project Diva’ or whatever games that are all the rage lately?" Or maybe it was that dancing game, DDR was it? he could also be talking about the guitar one or the drum one….actually there were a ton of different drumming games upstairs if he remembered correctly.


"Very well," He agreed, "However would you mind giving me at least a practice game in so I know what I’m doing? Otherwise I doubt it would be a fair game, and where’s the challenge in that?"

"I’m talkin’ about anythin’ that strikes your fancy, really," Beat shrugged. All these games were pretty much the same to him, anyway. All about timing and getting into tune with the music. Sometimes they felt a little repetitive to him… but hey, it’d been a while since he’d played.

"Sure, go ahead," Beat shrugged as they started heading to the second floor. 

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Super Mario vs Pacman by Unknown

This was a ride from beginning to end

This was so entertaining to watch

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"Want me t’ do it again?"

por que no los dos~?
Sólo hay tanto tiempo en un solo día…


As the pair scuttled along, they were lucky and managed to avoid getting wet for the most part. Only the scalloped hem of Namine’ dress caught rain drops, and only her sandaled feet were effected by the puddles. It didn’t take long for them to rush into the hotel. While neither needed a room, it was a safe haven from the rain.

"Shibuya… That’s an interesting name. I’ve never heard of it before, actually. That’s strange for me. I’ve become aware of many worlds out there, I’m not used to hearing new names."


As the intrepid duo walks along, Beat glances down at her. Again… he couldn’t help but be reminded of Rhyme. The thought bothers him a little bit and he forces himself to stare forward. Rhyme was probably in her room reading, and Beat didn’t really want to bother her… so he stayed out in the lobby. 

"Shibuya’s a city. A really big one, like… you can’t walk across the street without bumping into other people sometimes. It’s always real lively an’ stuff. I don’t really get how we all got stuck here, but Joshua says we goin’ back soon, so… I guess I shouldn’t worry too much.”



"That’s a good thing, then.  Shibuya is one of the lucky ones."

"Well, they can’t hurt your body if you’re alive, anyway," Beat added. Hadn’t there been something about some Noise that possess you? Sounded familiar so it was probably true.

"You sound like you ain’t surprise t’ hear that people play games while they’re dead."

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"Well, yes of course. There are many other worlds," she nodded, glancing at him. The embroidery work on his beanie was worn around the threads, no doubt from extended use. "You know that… You have a home world, right?"

The rain began to fall harder, little clicking and thunks along the arch of the umbrella. “Traverse Town is a world created for those in need. It only manifests when people are lost from their home worlds. Its like a lost and found for the universe.”


Beat glanced down at her, beanie falling over one of his eyes in the motion. He’d had it for so long, but… he couldn’t bare to part with it. It’d seen him through the original Reaper’s Game… “Yeah, my homeworld’s Shibuya… it’s not here.” Beat grumbled. Screw what Joshua had said. Shibuya wasn’t gone.

Looking out at the pouring rain, Beat pointed toward the Second District. “Come on, we should probably get inside.” He offered her a small grin. He was also mildly concerned about her white dress getting wet (even if she had his umbrella)… and other things happening. That was one of the few bits of information about clothes Shiki had managed to beat into his head.

Someone actually needs to draw Beat pulling Neku, RG!Shiki, Joshua, and Rhyme around in a wagon with the words “BEAT-WAGON” etched onto it and then I can be happy.